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Thousand Oak's Leader In Unique Additions For Climate Control In Your Home

Unique additions service

Our Thousand Oaks A/C experts at Comfort Heroes have the expertise to install a range of climate control systems and unique additions for your home's HVAC system.

These unique additions, such as a home humidification system can make your home a more comfortable place to relax, and can make a major quality of life impact on those with dry skin or certain health conditions. Plus, sometimes these unique additions serve more than one purpose.

From custom wine cellar climate control systems and indoor air quality solutions, to energy efficient modifications such as HVAC zoning systems, Comfort Heroes has the right air conditioning upgrade waiting for you!

Give us a call for a free service estimate and consultation if you're looking for climate control solutions or any type of unique additions for the HVAC system in your Thousand Oaks area home.

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Climate Controlled Wine Rooms

A place to store wine in your own climate controlled wine cellar is convenient and invaluable. For collectors and connoisseurs, these features are essential to properly storing and aging your wine collection in your Thousand Oaks home.

Unlike the central air conditioning for the rest of your home, a wine storage room needs to be set at a constant temperature. The custom cooling units work just a little differently than standard air conditioners.

Comfort Heroes is the Thousand Oaks air conditioning specialist who can help you find and install the right unique addition to control the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar. The equipment we install will precisely sense and regulate both the temperature and humidity in the surrounding air.

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