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Air Duct Cleaning And Mold Exposure In Thousand Oaks, CA

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Mold doesn't have to cause serious illness in order for it to be harmful to us. Mold can cause irritations and allergens that just make our lives a little bit harder. In fact, having a substance that is only irritating your sinuses or lungs could be more difficult to deal with because you may not notice there's much of a problem that needs to be looked into, so the mold never gets discovered.

Many people have a minimum amount of mold spores growing in their home that only act as irritants. Growing mold can produce toxins that irritate lungs and sinuses or produces allergens.

This could be the cause of many people's allergies, yet they don't get sick enough to know something is wrong that needs investigating. And in those cases, mold can continue to grow in the moist recesses of the home, commonly in your air climate duct work or somewhere in the heating and air conditioning system.

Air conditioning and heating system ducts can harbor a lot of dust. Dust has dust mites that produce toxins that also cause allergies. But mold growth can be present as well, and often is present in higher humidity areas.

That makes keeping your ducts cleaned a priority if you have any type of allergies or are sensitive in any way to what's in the air.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure:

  • Breathing Problems
  • Sinus & Lung Irritations
  • Lung or Sinus Infections
  • Eye Irritations
  • Coughs
  • Itchy or Sore Throat
  • Skin Irritations, Rash
  • Headaches

Mold is present everywhere, but isn't harmful until it grows and starts producing toxins. It can't grow unless moisture is present, but only requires a tiny amount to grow. When it's inhaled or when people are sensitive to contact through the skin, it can make a person sick.

Mold produces potentially toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that cause the health concerns. People already suffering from a weakened immune system suffer the most.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work To Get Rid Of Mold?

When your air ducts are cleaned, the dirt and dust on the surfaces of the ductwork are removed. This will reduce most of the allergen producing particles in the duct system but may not necessarily reduce your allergy symptoms if it's growing in other places in your home.

A thorough duct cleaning should be enough to eliminate all your mold and dust problems within your air ducts, and if you're sensitive to allergens, you need to have it done about once a year. Other parts of your HVAC system may need to be checked for mold because it's a prime area for moisture to lurk. So be sure you also have your air conditioner and heating unit inspected and cleaned once a year.

Living with mold in the air is something we all have to deal with, but when it begins to grow and becomes toxic, we can take measures to get rid of the harmful growing mold. Cleaning the air ducts of your home is the right place to start and will go far in helping you to enjoy a healthier life.


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