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Easy Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs in Thousand Oaks

AC Repairs Thousand Oaks residents can do several things this time of year to ensure their air conditioner runs well all throughout this year's hot season. We enjoy the summertime so much, yet we still want to be able to go indoors and get cooled off. When the A/C breaks down, we're in for some frustration.

We all depend on our air control units to keep our homes comfortable, and during the summer heat is no time to see it break down on us. There are things we can do to make sure this doesn't happen at the worst possible times of the year. These preventative actions can mean our units last for years longer and stay working right all throughout the warm seasons.

A professional tune up done by our expert air conditioning technicians is the most effective preventative measure we can take. Tune ups keep the unit running at peak performance. And with a regularly scheduled monthly maintenance service, the system will stay clean and functioning properly all season long.

There are things a homeowner can do to assist with the performance of the unit. The outdoor condenser is an important part of your air conditioning system. When it isn't working right, you can get warm air or no air at all coming through the indoor unit.

It's important to keep the condenser area clear of growing grass, bushes, leaves, debris, and tree branches. Your condenser should also have plenty of clearance around all sides to ensure the air can flow in and out properly.

Since this is the unit that will remove most of the heat from the indoor air, it's important that it is able to release that heat outdoors so that by the time the refrigerant is passed back to the inside unit, it is cooled off again.

Otherwise, your system will labor and parts will easily burn out. Also, be sure pets can't chew on the outdoor unit or the fins can get damaged and the heat won't dissipate properly.

The air conditioning drip line is also an important part you want to keep an eye on. Condensation from the indoor air unit gathers and drips through a small plastic tube that either feeds to the outdoors where it drips out or feeds into your sewer line.

This tube can get clogged up and will hurt your air unit if the A/C continues to run. You can also end up with some wet carpeting or other wet areas in the flooring, ceiling, or wall cavities. This is bad news because mold and mildew can easily take hold in these areas and make you and your family sick.

With our air conditioning tune up and monthly maintenance services, we check all this and more for you. But it's also a great idea, especially if you don't get regular maintenance, to watch for certain things.

Here are a few things to watch for so you can help make sure your system works great all year long…

  1. Air conditioner not turning on at all
  2. Wet carpeting or flooring near the inside unit
  3. Roof leaking or attic leaks

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