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How To Tell You Need Duct Cleaning Service For Your Westlake Village Home

Air duct cleaning

There's no getting around the fact that indoor air quality matters to most California homeowners. Yet, so many of our customers in Westlake Village and other areas don't give duct cleaning much thought.

Our goal at Comfort Heroes is to raise homeowner awareness about duct cleaning and how to tell it's time to get it done. Did you know that dirty ducts can affect your energy bills? It's true! Neglecting the dirt, grime, and any resulting blockages can cause the air conditioning equipment to strain as well as your allergies to suffer.

One of the best ways to know if you need duct cleaning is to inspect the ducts. Unfortunately, the majority of the air duct system is hidden from view, so how can you tell if they're dirty?

Here are a few signs that it's time to call in a professional duct cleaning service for your Westlake Village home.

No Warm Air Coming From One Vent

Your HVAC system is supposed to be an enclosed system which produces sufficient air pressure to force the warm air throughout all the ductwork in your home. Air duct blockages and broken ductwork connections can cost a lot of energy wastage.

Anything can block an air duct, and as Westlake Village HVAC contractors we can tell you what we've found inside a home's ductwork. Anything can cause a blockage from clothing to dead rodents or a ventilation system coated with thick dust, and tons of dust balls, and mold.

When the ducts leak or get blocked by an object, your heating and cooling system won't function properly. Blockages cause a strain and leaks mean your warm air is being wasted. No warm air coming from one vent in your home most surely means there's a ductwork problem to that room.

Not Enough Warm Air Coming From The Vents

Another sign your ductwork is wasting energy due to a leak or blockage is when there's not enough air being forced through the vents. You should be able to feel plenty of warm air being forced through the air duct vent.

Too Much Dust In Your House

Leaky air ducts allow dust and allergens to penetrate your home. Remember, we said that your entire HVAC system should be an enclosed system with no leaks? If you have an excessive amount of dust in your home or you're suffering from too many allergies, this could be a sign you have leaky ductwork that's also wasting energy.

Energy Bills Hike For No Good Reason

Duct blockages can happen at any time, so pay attention to your energy bills. A hike in your energy bills can indicate there's a leak or blockage.

Did you know that air duct leaks can cost you as much as 30% more to run your home's HVAC equipment? If you aren't sure what's causing your air conditioner or heater to waste energy, call our professional Westlake Village air conditioning company for an inspection. If there's a problem, we'll definitely find it and can handle the duct cleaning if that's all you need!


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