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Property Remodeling Can Include HVAC Upgrades For Investment Rental Homes

HVAC Upgrade

One of the best options you can do to update an older home and get it ready for tenants to rent out is to install good equipment that provides air conditioning and heating in the home. Central air units can go far to assisting the home with air climate control, but there are other options for HVAC Upgrades out there as well.

Whether your rental homes ever had HVAC systems or not, they can be upgraded with the proper equipment. Depending on the area and the climate the home is located in, you may decide to go with a system that heats well like heating systems using a boiler. Or, in more temperate climates, the heat pump system will work best and save the most energy.

Other systems are available now for cooling than just the window unit or central air conditioner. Technology has improved enough where new systems are quiet yet extremely efficient at cooling the home. For example, the mini-split ductless system is perfect for homes that have never seen central air units, or homes that need air conditioning replacement.

Mini-Split Ductless Air Systems

The mini-split ductless air system takes up a small amount of space and requires no duct work! These units can provide cool air and heat for the entire home or one room at a time. Plus, they're unobtrusive to the home, being installed on the wall spaces instead of attic, floor, or closets.

Upgrading the homes air conditioning and heating systems makes the home much more desirable and adds an incredible amount of function to the home.

No one wants to have to deal with noisy window units that let in huge cracks of air, wasting energy and your tenants hard earned dollars. In fact, unless you want to get rock bottom tenants in the home, you'll need to upgrade if the home doesn't provide good air conditioning.

What many property owners don't understand is that the worse condition the major systems of the home are in, the more repairs are going to be required. There's only so long you can go on repairing an HVAC system before it just makes sense to replace it.

Don't wait until your tenants get into the home and have to suffer, calling you five times in a month for repairs. You'll just wind up suffering as well. So consider getting hvac upgrades before the home gets shown. You'll attract more in rents and be setting yourself up for little worry over the system.

Repairs can be made now, upgrades can be done first, and all things can be taken care of beforehand. Preventative measures are always a better choice than having to make up for problems later. You can have worry free HVAC equipment in the homes.

Dehumidifiers Offer Your Investment Homes Protection From Moisture Damages

Is there too much moisture in the home, damaging the drywall and other building materials like the carpeting? Is it causing mold problems? Are you sure? If it is, you could be facing mold growth, drywall that buckles, popcorn ceiling texture that peels away, wall texture coming off, wood rotting, plumbing rusting, and more. Preventing moisture in the home is simple. All you need is a dehumidifier.

With some simple solutions, you can ensure the home is fit for your new tenants. You care about your properties, so also be sure to keep in mind how important it is for your tenants to stay comfortable in the home and they'll love it too!

When preparing to rent out a home you just purchased, it's not easy making all the decisions you'll need to make on what to change and what not to. Remodeling is great, but if the home can't be kept cool or heated when needed, it's really a moot point because your tenants will move right out, and they'll have a right to.

You don't want to live in a home that's hot or cold and no one else does either, which makes it only logical to make the home more comfortable before making it look nice. So if it's a choice of either or, go with making it fit for comfortable living. Call our Thousand Oaks HVAC contractors and you'll not only add value to the home you've already invested in, your tenants will love that they have great working air, it's guaranteed!


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