“Name Your Price” AC Tune Up!

Name Your Price AC Tune Up!

Is your air conditioner struggling to keep you cool? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At The Comfort Heroes Heating and Air, we’re offering an unbeatable deal: our exclusive “Name Your Price” AC Tune-Up! Regular price is $179, we run specials from time to time for $79, but for a limited time we are letting you decide the price.

 Our highly skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive and meticulous AC tune-up to ensure your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably throughout the scorching summer months. No hidden charges, no fixed price – just the power to decide what our service is worth to you!

 Thorough Inspection: We’ll inspect every nook and cranny of your AC system, identifying potential issues and offering expert recommendations to maximize its performance.

 Precision Cleaning: Our team will meticulously clean the filters, coils, and other vital components to improve air quality and restore your AC’s efficiency.

 Calibration and Optimization: We’ll fine-tune your system’s settings, ensuring it cools your space effectively while minimizing energy consumption.

 Peace of Mind: With our skilled technicians handling the tune-up, you can relax knowing your AC is in the hands of professionals who prioritize your comfort and satisfaction.

 Name Your Price: You heard it right! After experiencing our exceptional service, you get to decide the fair value of our AC tune-up. Pay what you think it’s

Offer limited to first time customers* Contact for more details*

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