Is a Bigger HVAC System Always Better?

Picking out a unit of the right size is one of the most important aspects of any air conditioning installation in Thousand Oaks, CA. It takes the experience and skill of a professional to properly select an AC with the necessary power for any home’s cooling needs.

In this case, bigger isn’t always better. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when selecting an HVAC system.

Counting the Cost

A larger system is more expensive. If you buy a unit that’s oversized, you could be spending money on power that you aren’t going to use and that you don’t need. This could add up, depending on just how oversized the AC unit ends up being.
The goal for any air conditioning installation in Thousand Oaks, CA, is to get the right size, not simply the biggest. This involves carefully evaluating how much cooling power a home needs.

Short Cycling

Every AC system cycles. This means that it runs for a while and then shuts off. Efficient cycling keeps your home at a steady temperature near your setting. It also reduces the need for maintenance by reducing wear on many different parts.
An AC that is too large won’t cycle properly. It will turn on very briefly and deliver a large blast of cold air, then turn off almost immediately. This increases wear and also reduces the ability of your AC to remove humidity from the air.

Higher Power Bills

AC units that are too large are going to run up your utility bills. There are many components that use electricity within an AC, including the compressor and the blower. The larger motors for these bigger ACs are going to draw more power, reducing efficiency and increasing your bills.

Professional AC Installation

The experts at Comfort Heroes can ensure that you’re getting the right size for your cooling needs. Our air conditioning installation in Thousand Oaks, CA, is reliable, affordable, and safe. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you to pick the right unit for your needs, installing it quickly.

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