Signs that You Need Furnace Repair

Routine maintenance is the most effective approach to avoid costly repairs. Professional heating repair in Thousands Oaks, CA, from Comfort Heroes, is recommended every year, whether you have an electric or gas-powered furnace

This maintenance ensures that your system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible for the duration of its life. If you’ve been noticing any of the symptoms listed below, it just might be time for a furnace check-up:


The action of a furnace rapidly turning on and off is known as short cycling. This cycling pattern is a symptom of a bigger problem. 

Short-cycling is costly since your furnace will never meet the optimal temperature you’ve set but will continue to attempt to warm up enough to reach that goal. It also causes the system’s components to wear down more quickly, costing you more money in the long run.

Strange Noises

You might disregard a weird sound coming from your furnace’s cabinet at first. A buzzing sound, for example, could signal a problem with the electrical connections, posing a fire hazard. 

A squealing noise could indicate a worn-out fan belt that is about to snap. A hazardous problem with your burners can be indicated by banging or popping sounds.

Yellow Pilot Light

Is the pilot light on your furnace yellow? If so, you’ll need Comfort Heroes for heating repair in Thousands Oaks, CA. This light should be blazing blue at all times. There could be contaminants on the burners, compromising the safety and performance of your heater. 

Rust buildup could be the source of the problem. If you see any discoloration in the flame, switch off the heater and call our specialists straight away.

Increased Heating Costs

If you’ve had similar furnace use to this time last year but have seen an increase in your heating expenditures, it’s essential to have your furnace inspected. It’s time to get it looked at because something is clearly causing it to operate inefficiently. 

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Let the Heroes Do the Work

Have you noticed any of these signs with your furnace? If so, don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself. You could get hurt or unintentionally cause more damage to the system. Our experts would be happy to help with all of your HVAC needs. Just give us a call, and we’ll find a time that works best for you!

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