R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout: What You Need to Know

The refrigerant R-22, commonly known as Freon, was banned in January 2020. R-22 was the most used and most popular refrigerant in air conditioners and heat pumps because it was considered to be safe, efficient, and affordable. 

However, in January 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that R-22 would be phased out as it was damaging to the environment. Air conditioners and refrigerators that run on R-22 are still in operation, but there are some facts that you need to know.

What Does This Mean?

R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbons that has been found to damage the ozone layer and contribute to climate change. The process of phasing it out started in 2010 and banned the production, importing, and use of HCFs. The ban ensured that existing equipment using R-22 would continue to be serviced, but any further production would cease.

If you have an air conditioner that is still using R-22 Freon, this is what you need to know:

Can I Still Get Freon?

As Freon is no longer being produced, older systems rely on recycled Freon. However, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get a hold of recycled Freon as the supply is being exhausted.

Do I Need to Replace My Old AC?

If your Freon using AC is still running, you do not need to replace it until it dies. Air conditioning maintenance in Thousand Oaks, CA, will keep the system running as efficiently as possible to extend its life. Once it has stopped working or has begun leaking, an AC replacement will be necessary.

Can I Top Up the Freon Myself to Keep It Working?

Because Freon is so harmful to the environment and poses a risk if mishandled, only licensed technicians can purchase and top it up. Your refrigerant levels will be checked during air conditioning maintenance in Thousand Oaks, CA, and if there is a leak, the technicians will know how to manage it.

What Do New AC Systems Use Instead?

New air-conditioners and refrigerators use R410A, otherwise known as Puron, instead of Freon. It has been shown to be harmless to the environment.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Thousand Oaks, CA

Most air conditioners made prior to 2010 used Freon as the refrigerant, and many continue to be in use. As Freon is harmful to the environment, it’s important to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance. 

Comfort Heroes performs professional air conditioning maintenance in Thousand Oaks, CA, as well as air conditioner replacements and installations. Call us today for your AC maintenance or a replacement with a new, environmentally-friendly model.

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